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Digital Media/Multimedia Design



Program description:

The growth of the media production and entertainment industry in Florida has increased the demand for experienced multimedia production professionals in private industry, public service and education. A multimedia designer is a highly capable designer that turns any idea into a professional design by incorporating images, graphics, text, animations, video and audio. All Digital Media/Multimedia Design Technology students acquire knowledge and skill through the use of self-paced interactive software and hands-on exercises that are accompanied by teacher-led lectures and demonstrations. Through the application of a variety of computer software programs, students learn to create an assortment of Multimedia Design projects that are refined over time for their final professional portfolio.


Graphic Designer: Design or create graphics to meet specific commercial or promotional needs, such as packaging, displays, or logos. May use a variety of mediums to achieve artistic or decorative effects.

Multimedia Artist & Animator: Create special effects, animation, or other visual images using film, video, computers, or other electronic tools and media for use in products or creations, such as computer games, movies, music videos, and commercials.


The following table illustrates the PSAV program structure:






AGE:                 16 years or older

DIPLOMA:         N/A

TABE:                MATH 10.0   LANGUAGE 10.0   READING 10.0 or meet other basic skill requirements

Industry Certification:     Adobe Certified Associate Illustrator - $150.00; Adobe Certified Associate Photoshop - $150.00; Certified Internet Web (CIW) Web Design Professional (pass below 2 to earn): CIW Web Design Specialist - $150.00, CIW E-Commerce Specialist - $150.00  

Advisory Salary Range:             $15,000 - $73,000

                                                Graphic Designer                      MM Artist/Animator     

Panhandle Average                   $15,00 - $64,680                   $31,275-$61,370                                

Average:                                   $34,040                                   $34,750                                              

State Average:                          $40,400                                   $47,700                                  

National Average:                     $44,800                                   $64,500

Program Completion Rate: 70%  -   Program Placement Rate: 83%  -   Program Certification Pass Rate: 67%


757 Hoyt Street | Chipley, FL 32428 | Phone: 850.638.1180